We have a natural built in neurological response of fight or flight, horses are flight animals and live in this state at all times, a connection we share.

As social animals we come to understand ourselves the more we connect with the lives of others.

Making the right choices to create healthy partnerships is complicated in the human world, overwhelming for some.

Often a constant struggle to be an individual and the need to belong to a group (acceptance and resistance).

Whether you are working with your horse; with friends; family; loved ones or work colleagues, learn to let your behaviour come from knowledge. Build your communication skills and don’t let your emotions system dominate your thoughts and drive your actions, it leads to poor results.

I have been studying Monty Roberts the great horseman with his (join-up) for horses and people for 20 years, two small words with a colossal meaning, (none violent).

As we all know violence can be physical, but it can be verbal abuse, dismissive or belittling even threats – all can be crippling to the human spirit, most of us have been on both sides, none of us is perfect.

Horses respond to our heart rate and breath, they help us learn to bring down our adrenaline, trust, care and be in the real moment of time where they live.

Equine therapy can help if you are suffering with depression and anxiety; also with how we can learn to focus, observe, analyse and evaluate; be in control of our emotional state, to make the right choices leading to good productive results in all relationships.

I can help you connect at a deeper level with your horse and the people in your life.

Building trust and confidence!

One to one coaching and workshops for groups at your stables and livery yards.

  • Learn to focus
  • Observe
  • Analyze
  • Evaluate
  • Control emotions
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

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